Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Feast of a Kingdom

Four years ago, I had this idea about an Elizabethan immersion event, comprised of an all day feast with loads of entertainment! Three years ago, I started planning it. Bit-by-bit, pieces came together. Master Valentine agreed to be my Deputy. Lord Joel agreed to be our Feast Steward.Master Emerson agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies. From there, things came together beautifully.
The first project was making the feast tokens, the linen napkins and serviettes. Concordia truly stepped up here and made this happen as a community. All 58 of these were hand-hemmed by Master Emerson, Mistress Pakshalika, Lord Jonathan, Lady Janna, Jeremy, Lady Ruth, Master Magnus, Lady Finnguala, Lady Anne, Stephanie, Mistress Ose, and Lady Jacqueline. (I believe this is everyone. I apologize if I missed anyone.) Lady Ruth offered to embroider all of the above the salt napkins (and even insisted on doing them all after I told her our expected number had doubled!), and Lady Anne, Baroness Maria, and Mistress Heather Rose embroidered the below the salt napkins.
The next project was the invitations. The wording was done by Lady Katrusha, Master Emerson, and Mistress Heather Rose. The calligraphy was done by Mistress Heather Rose, and the illumination was done by Mistress Heather Rose, Lady Lorita, and Lord Faolan.
Master Valentine used his extensive network to reach out to experts from all over the kingdom to organize and cultivate our entertainments.
We began with His Excellency, Baron JP who organized the Duel between Lord Robert and Master Grim. Their seconds were Lord Mikulaj and Lady Elewys and the marshall was Master Caine.
Master Philip came up from Østgarðr to organize both the dance practice in the morning, and the ball in the evening.
Our instrumental musicians were organized by Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant of the Barony of Bhakail. Our Musicians were: Mistress Deonna von Aachen, Mistress Judith Fitzhenry, Master Kobayashi Yutaka, Lady Alison Winter, Lord Udalrich Schermer, Lady Ysabel da Costa, Lord Drake Oranwood and David the Creepy Bard. Our musicians hailed from Concordia, Østgarðr , Carolingia and Bhakail.
Our vocal artists were organized by Lady Sólveig Bjarnardóttir. Our artists were Lady Cecelia, Lord John, Lord Robert, Lord Drake, Lady Janna, Gwennen Mel, Sarah Byrd, and Margretta Wunderin, and Master Grim. Our vocal artists hailed from Concordia, Anglespur, Malagentia, Østgarðr
Our masque was organized and run by Catrin o'r Rhyd For of the Barony of Carolingia. Our Masque performers were Master Alexandre d'Avigne, Maester Gaius Quintillius Alopex, Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir, Lord Gundormr Dengir, Lady Agnes Edith Godolphin, Margretta Wunderin, Mistress Cassandra Grey, Pomestnik Andreiko Eferiev, and Piero Quagliati. Our masque performers hailed from Principality of Insulae Draconis and Barony of Carolingia.
The games of chance were organized by Master Valentine and Master Grim, and run by Master Grim, with the assistance of Lord Robert. The prizes were painted by Mistress Heather Rose of Concordia and Thory Vedardottir of Carolingia. Words were done by one who wishes to remain anonymous. The gambling coins were designed by Baron Ian of Tadcaster from the Shire of Draca Mor.
Our phenomenal kitchen was run by Lord Joel, who truly earned the title of Feast Steward. While Joel had several metaphorical balls of fire launched at him, he and his persevering team made it through, and served up a feast that was not only delightful on the tongue, but also delisious to the eyes. His team consisted of Master Aethelhawk, Mistress Siubhan, Marion, Mistress Judith FitzHenry, Harvey, Magnus, Grim, Kelton, Aife, Jill Silver, Riva Silver, Phelan, Eloise, Maria, Finnguala, Emerson, Muirenn, Irene, Isobel, Duchess Thyra, Mistress Cassandra Grey, Lady Cecelia, Mistress Alesone Gray of Cranleigh, Anjuili and March, as well as some non-SCAdians: Pete's mom, Sarah Katz, and Chris Persans.
What would a feast be without staff to serve it? Our team of servers were Lady Finnguala, Lady Cecelia, Baroness Maria, Lord Temyl, Lord Robert and Lady Elowys, with help from Erik, Aidan, Ally, and Charlie. Special thanks to Erik and Aidan for being our Messengers for the day, we put them hard to work sending messages throughout the event site!
With the event being what it was, gold key was also something that needed serious consideration. Lady Katryne Morgant outfitted several people who contacted her prior to the event. and also helped to provide additional outfits for some who needed clothing at the door.
Gate was organized and run by Lady Anne, along with her team of Kevin Sibley, Eleanor Grey,  Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccaforno, and Elena de Los Libros
Our set-up team consisted of Master Emerson, Master Magnus, Lord Guy, Lady Rebekah, Lord Rhys, Lord Joel, Lord Harvey, Mistress Annastrina (Barony of Bergental), Lady Cecilia (Barony of Bergental), Mistress Pakshalika, and I'm sure several others who stepped in to help out.
Our tear-down team swept through and cleaned the entire building in less than 2 hours! I said we'd by out by 11, and we were! This is thanks to our amazing team, consisting of Their Excellencies, Baron JP and Baroness Lylie, as well as Sheena, Shane, Erik, Aidan, Master Grim, Lord Mikulaj, Lord John, Lady Janna, Master Emerson, Lady Isabel, Lord Harvey, Lord Joel, Lord Robert, Lady Elewys, Mistress Annastrina,
In all, the event had "staff" from Concordia, Anglespur, Østgarðr, Carolingia, Bhakail, Principality of Insulae Draconis, Bergental, Panther Vale, Shire of Quintavia, Malagentia, Stonemarche, Shire of Draca Mor, and Shire of Mountain Freehold.
To say "thank you" does not truly express the gratitude I have for all of these people, and the many others who supported this dream of mine. In particular, I would recognize Master Valentine for the amount of effort and time he dedicated to making this event everything it was, even through the time of growing his family. Additionally, I would like to recognize Master Emerson for his assistance, from my invasion of his personal library, to all of his expertise on etiquette and feasting, to his help with all of the set-up and tear-down of the event.
I am humbled by the graciousness and generosity of so many over the past few years of planning, organization, and execution. We as a Barony, and as a Kingdom made this event happen. So, again, I say a thousand times, thank you!
Humbly yours,
Lady Olivia Baker
Event Steward
The Feast of St. Nicholas in Queen Elizabeth's Court