Monday, November 3, 2014

the journey forward

Today we embark upon a new journey: one of adventure, dread, romance, mystery, and triumph. We delve deep into the past in search of beauty and taste. This journey cannot be done alone. Along the way, I will need your guidance and input. I will come across boulders in my path. I will need your assistance in clearing them. I will grow weary and hopeless. I will need your encouragement to keep moving me forward. I will become overwhelmed with possibilities. I will need your guidance to remain on track.

Will you accept my challenge? Will you join me on this journey? Without you I am simply a voice lost in space. For, what use has a book buried in a grave? What good is a song without ears for it to land upon? What purpose has a meal without mouths to savor the sapidity? 

Join me on this journey and together we will float through space and time in our quest for knowledge.